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Products : Sustainable Home Textiles

  • Wide variety of products
  • Made in world class facilities
  • Custom made to client’s requirements
  • Products range from Bed Linen, Bath Linen to Bathrobes and Table Linen

Home textile products for a long time have been a style statement, which reflects your customer’s taste and preferences. Today that customer has realized the value of using such products that leave a minimum footprint on the environment during its production process. With quality fabric finishes and materials from a wide range of fibers Spectrum offers a pallet of sustainable home furnishing products that can be made using your desired parameters. Hotels to Health Care to Home, Spectrum offers a range of fashionable productsincluding Bed, Bath and Table Linen in various weaves.

All our sustainable home textiles are certified Organic under the OCS (formerly OE) standard while certain items are available under GOTS certification.