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Services : Buying House for Textiles

  • Product Development and Design
  • Technical, Quality and Sustainability, Audits, plus Evaluation
  • Sampling Coordination
  • Price Matching
  • Production Tracking and Logistical Management
  • After Delivery Services

With over a decade of experience in catering to European and American brands supplying a wide spread of textile products, Spectrum has developed an entire team, system and most importantly a network of high-quality production partners that can offer products ranging from fashion to accessories to home furnishings.

Our team of designers works with you to understand your concept and design sense, create a product line as well as help locate and subsequently work with a suitable product partner with you to manufacture your product and realize your end vision. We ensure that the right quality and value is derived by you within the Sustainable Indian Textile industry. Essentially, sitting in your home country you get a partner in us within India!