While Spectrum Cottfibers’s business already has environmental and social development at its core, we also understand that as a corporate we need to go beyond the boundaries of our regular business and give back to the people around whom we work and lands around which we operate.

Spectrum Cottfibers along with the promoter managed family trusts Shri Muli Kelavani Mandal run a host of ventures in the fields of education, health, skill building, farm improvement, social development, etc. to ensure that the entire ecosystem around the farmers that we work elevates socially and is enhanced environmentally.

Here are is a gallery of pictures that showcases the various initiatives that Spectrum Cottfibers and Muli Kelavani Mandal run at various places in India.

Here is also a story of a farmer who in his own words recounts how contact with Spectrum Cottfibers helped him transform his life.

If you wish to connect or participate at any level kindly contact us for the same.


Giving Humanity – A Second Chance


Jediya Manshukhbhai

“I am really thankful to BCI and Spectrum Cottfibers team to come to our village and impart training on best farming practices, I am adopting all those learnings on my field and finding it very useful for me.”

Jediya Manshukhbhai is a resident of Dhamrala village in Sayla block of Surendernagar. He has been farming cotton since ages inherited from his father who was also a farmer and growing cotton. He was under a lot of pressure with increasing costs of farming and reducing incomes and was desperate to find a solution to the ever-growing problems.

Spectrum Cottfibers Pvt. Ltd. initiated the BCI project in the village in 2014 and was providing training on Better Cotton Production Principles and Criteria and improving farming practices. Manshukhbhai immediately got excited and joined one such Learning Group in the village. It was at a BCI Learning Group meeting that he first learnt about the good farming practices one should follow for better cotton production on their field.

Manshukhbhai was a very receptive farmer and when SIPL team was looking for a plot to demonstrate the good practices being discussed in the trainings, he also offered one part of his land so as to create a Demonstration plot for the benefit of other LG members. He religiously follows the good farming practices being discussed in the meetings like:

  • Using Rotavetor at farm to decompose the last year’s cotton stalks standing in the field rather than uprooting & burning it.
  • To Deep Plough farm land in summer once in every 2-3 year’s time.
  • Intercropping on the farm

Apart from this he has also installed drip irrigation on half of his land at his own cost with the help of Spectrum staff and is using it effectively. As this is his first year of joining, he believes with all this training and guidance, he will be able to reduce the usage of water, fertilizer and pesticide and hence to save money on the input costs of fertilizers and pesticides in this crop season.

Jediya Manshukhbhai is a very enthusiastic farmer and always is on front seat in every training, he really wants to learn and adopt all what we can offer him. He has been an inspiration for many farmers in the LG and village to come forward for such trainings and adopt good farming practices. He has seen bad times in his life and we believe with this BCI initiative we are able