Ultimately, the only wealth that can sustain any community, economy or nation is derived from the photosynthetic process – green plants growing on regenerating soil.– Alan Savory, Ecologist & Farmer

Products : Agro Products

  • Soapnuts (Unseeded as well as soapnut powder)
  • Neem and Neem Extracts

The sustainable industry also caters to a host of products that are outside the realm of textiles or food. These include various industries such as cosmetics and lifestyle value chains that now source sustainable raw materials. While Spectrum’s product offering in this category is increasing, currently we offer high-grade soapnuts and powder as well as Neem and various Neem extracts.

A combination of these raw materials in your product can add to your product’s sustainability quotient. They substitute far more harmful chemicals and substances making your product far more environmental friendly.