Prosperous farmers mean more employment, more prosperity for the workers and the businessmen of every industrial area in the whole country.– Franklin D. Roosevelt

Farmer Oriented Advisory

  • Captive farmer audience of approx. 50,000 farmers
  • Experience of working with farmers for over 18 years
  • Covers all needs of the farmer and their family life
  • Tremendous respect of farmers towards the company

As the dream of farm communities developing and entering into the modern world becomes a reality, more and more farmers are in need of a host of products and services. These products and services cover an entire gamut of the farmer’s life both on his field as well as with his family and habitat. These variety of products and services make it possible for the farmers to grow a healthy crop, protecting their farm, cattle and crop all while improving the standard of living for their family and their village.
As an example, these products and services include:

    1. 1. Micro-financing
    2. 2. Sustainable Inputs such as seeds and fertilizers
    3. 3. Micro-nutrients for soil preservation
    4. 4. Various irrigation products such as drip irrigation
    5. 5. Various types of insurance products
    6. 6. Farm equipment

Unfortunately, in a country like India it’s often very difficult for corporates to reach these farmers in a manner that is both cost-effective as well as one which ensures maximum reach. These difficulties range from challenging topography, mistrust in corporates or structured organizations, ability to create mass impacts, etc.

Spectrum has a dedicated team of professionals on the ground that understands these needs completely. Moreover, the team has a unique access to various farmers in different regions of India where a bond of trust exists between them as well as us. We recognize that there are at most time good willing companies that can provide many of these products and services and help the farmer reach his/her full potential but cannot do so.

It is with this in mind that Spectrum offers its services acting like a bridge between these companies and the farmer. This direct access to the farmer cuts the need for reliance on middlemen and agents that often increase the cost of the same for the farmer to bear. The corporates also get a direct and clear access to knowing the farmers, their needs and challenges and offer requisite solutions.